deVasp 0.2

After suffering with a refactoring to pass an input value right across the system and reading Martin Fowler about Inversion of Control I decided to make a try to build a library to support the rest of Inversion of Control missing in a Dependency Injection Container. Have a look at Diergo Value Space.

Comma Separated Values

After some frustration with an ugly implementation of a parser for Comma Separated Values, I decided to write an own one as an open source project.

Diergo CSV 1.1

Diergo CSV 1.1 has been released! The library now also supports automatic determination of separators.

deUt 1.0

Diergo Utils 1.0 has been released. A small java utility library to simplify the usage of Java 5 Iterables and transformations.

deCS 2.1

Diergo CSV 2.1 has been released! The library now also supports linefeeds in quoted values and commented header lines.