deVasp 0.2

After suffering with a refactoring to pass an input value right across the system and reading Martin Fowler about Inversion of Control I decided to make a try to build a library to support the rest of Inversion of Control missing in a Dependency Injection Container. Have a look at Diergo Value Space.

Spring Pitfalls

Spring is the most common used IOC container. Due to the many functionalities there are many source of errors not visible at first sight. A typical problem is a dependency tending to an incorrect created bean instance.

(german version)

Comma Separated Values

After some frustration with an ugly implementation of a parser for Comma Separated Values, I decided to write an own one as an open source project.

Diergo CSV 1.1

Diergo CSV 1.1 has been released! The library now also supports automatic determination of separators.

deUt 1.0

Diergo Utils 1.0 has been released. A small java utility library to simplify the usage of Java 5 Iterables and transformations.

Java Preferences with Mac OS X

If you use the Java preferences, you will come to the point where you need to know where they are persisted on Mac OS X.

Generic Arrays

Arrays are not always easy to handle in Java. Especially editing and copying when using Java 5 generics is difficult.

deCS 2.1

Diergo CSV 2.1 has been released! The library now also supports linefeeds in quoted values and commented header lines.

Why extends?

Java 5 introduced generics so you can use for example the collection framework without casts. But when and why you need to use wildcards?

Escape regular expression

If you have to insert any character array as literal you need to escape the reserved characters. For some of the typical formats the Java runtime library or the servlet api contains the necessary escape functions. For regular expressions used in java.util.regex.Pattern such a method is missing.

Liquibase update

When trying to upgrade liquibase on a database with an existing DATABASECHANGELOG table from liquibase version 1.9 to the new 2.0 version liquibase failed to insert the new changeset entries due to missing or to narrow columns.