Diergo CSV 1.1

Diergo CSV 1.1 has been released! The library now also supports automatic determination of separators.

Why extends?

Java 5 introduced generics so you can use for example the collection framework without casts. But when and why you need to use wildcards?

Java Preferences with Mac OS X

If you use the Java preferences, you will come to the point where you need to know where they are persisted on Mac OS X.

Generic Arrays

Arrays are not always easy to handle in Java. Especially editing and copying when using Java 5 generics is difficult.

Comma Separated Values

After some frustration with an ugly implementation of a parser for Comma Separated Values, I decided to write an own one as an open source project.

Hidden in Documentation

I have read the VTL Referenz more than one time, but some details attract attention very late. The authors of the documentation of Apache Velocity have been humorous.